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Become a community leader in your area. We just celebrated our one month anniversary and are overwhelmed at the community support. We can do it! We can change the numbers. Join us!

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Yep! It's true. The plan is foreign and domestic distribution for female written & directed projects through VOD, S-VOD, ON-DEMAND as well as THEATRICAL releases. For investment & donation information, please contact: 

Marketing is as important to the success of the film as the script, the director and the actors. It determines if a film will get an audience and if the filmmakers can make a profit, repay their investors and be able to create and fund their next project. It is not uncommon for big studios to spend as much marketing the film as they spend producing the film. BuyWomen wants to be a solution to marketing issues that female filmmakers face. 

Who's Behind BuyWomen? 


BuyWomen is on a mission to bring female writers' and directors' work to the world. By creating a list of work

Written or Directed by women, we're give voices to more female creatives & we'll all benefit from a more diverse 

cinematic experience in film. Don’t support these films. Be entertained by them. Be inspired by them. Be moved by them. There is no charity case here. These are great films that will bring you to laugh and cry and quote lines. 

 The more lucrative female projects are, the bigger the budgets become and the more female projects that get produced.  

Rainy Kerwin is the founder of BuyWomen and is a huge advocate for female filmmakers. She is a member of the Film Fatales, as well as the writer-director of the upcoming feature film The Wedding Invitation​, which was proudly shot with an entirely female production crew. Rainy is also the founder of It's Raining Films (production company). TWI is the first of a 3-picture slate the company is scheduled to produce. Rainy loves working with actors and has been a coach and director at an LA-based acting conservatory for the last 7 years. Rainy consults with newer filmmakers on projects because she believes it's all about pooling resources and sharing knowledge. 

"I created this site because I felt a need for a positive space to feature amazing female writers and directors who were not getting the exposure they deserved. There is a frustration in the filmmaking community that women are being passed over for jobs. BuyWomen is designed to be an active & immediate solution to that hurdle. Let's invest in women and buy women's films." 

      -Rainy Kerwin


Who's Behind BuyWomen? 

BuyWomen has plans to finance films written & directed by women. For more information or to invest/donate please contact:

Photo by Willow River

BuyWomen's future plans include the expansion of The Film List to boast TV Series, Webseries & Short Content created by women, as well as a list of available feature film and television scripts and concepts.